Google Jobs friendly career site

Create your company career pages and convert organic (free) applications from Google Jobs with CareerSiteCloud career site software.

1. Once your Career Site is created with the help of Wizard settings tab – make sure the checkbox “Search engine visibility” is ticked to “Allow” – this will generate robots.txt file and make sure your career site is crawled and properly indexed by Google.

2. Don’t forget to insert your Google Analytics ID in Wizard tab as well (if you have one).
3. Next step after your career site is created is going to SETTINGS tab at the top and clicking on SITEMAP XML link:

Click “Generate site map” and wait till the system ends the process.

Once sitemap is generated, copy the URL of your site map.

4. Go to your Google Webmaster Tools and click on ADD PROPERTY button to add your newly created career site:

Note: if you are having troubles verifying domain ownership, please check our guide here.

5. Once new site is added, select it from the list and scroll down to Crawl -> Sitemaps:

6. On right side, click ADD/TEST SITEMAP button and submit link to your generated sitemap.xml file

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