Job ad campaign landing pages platform for employers, agencies and job boards upgrades job ad campaign landing pages to improve job seeker application rates and recruitment advertising performance. CareerSiteCloud platform provides a simple way to create and manage employer branded, responsive and mobile friendly job ad campaigns by corporate employers, agencies and job boards.

Higher application rates via personalized content

The custom job ad campaign landing pages are specifically targeted to advertise a single vacancy or a set of jobs grouped by location, team, project, career fair, etc. Job landing page provides job seeker with relevant content and increases application rate.

Responsive and mobile friendly

Responsive and mobile optimized job ad campaign landing page provides enhanced user experience on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Mobile optimized application process increases completed mobile applications and reduces drop offs.

Effective ad campaigns

Uniquely designed job ad landing pages improve campaign performance vs standard job board job posting, career website or ATS landing page. Job ads landing pages can be advertised on multiple distribution channels with additional targeting and pay per application focus, i.e. job advertising networks via Programmatic bidding or direct posting to aggregators (Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Jobs2Careers). CareerSiteCloud can assist with job distribution through our partners.

Up and running in minutes

CareerSiteCloud platform provides easy-to-use cloud platform to create and manage multiple job ad campaigns.

Integrated with distribution partners, job boards, ATSes

Job landing page is integrated with ATSes, job boards and job distribution partners. Application process can collect applicant data to be accessed via secure CareerSiteCloud built-in ATS environment or integrated with existing corporate ATS or job board via API.

Agencies and job boards: white label platform

Agencies and job boards can manage multiple ad campaigns for their employer clients via a single platform, provide secure access for recruiters to their application pool and statistics via fully white labeled agency branded interface. Job ad campaigns can be created and deployed in minutes using customizable templates.


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