Admin/Recruiter access for Enterprise clients

We are proud to present a new feature to control access to the admin system.
You are now able to set up two levels of access: Recruiter and Admin

Recruiter: has access to two tabs only – Jobs & Candidates

Admin: has access to all tabs.

To do this, when you log in to the admin, click the ACCESS tab at the top.
To add a new user, click the +Add button and type in user’s email. Then add the site(s) from the list to which you want to give user access and select Recruiter or Admin access level:

User will receive an email notification to confirm this action.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this feature is available to ENTERPRISE versions only.
Creating new career sites and job ad campaigns can be done by master account only. Any additional Recruiter/Admin users you create will not have the technical possibility to set up new career sites or job ad campaigns.

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