Configure jobs import from XML file

  1. Go to Settings -> XML import templates

We have preconfigured 3 standard templates. You may edit one of the generic templates or create your own. Press [Edit] to use preconfigured template. To create new custom template based on any of the existing templates. Or click [Add] to create new custom import template


  1. Now you may map fields from your XML feed

Sync fields  – defines which field (or coma-separated fields) will identify job for update. If there is no job with this data – new job will be created. By default it is reference field.

Root path – hierarchy of your XML feed. Enter your Root path and press [Generate]. All the fields in the template will be automatically updated with your root path.




If field does not have mapping it will be empty. Fields marked with * are mandatory

Example of the mapping:
apply                                      Email
>applyRedirect                       /source/job/url
category*                              /source/job/category
city                                         /source/job/city
country                                  /source/job/country
description*                          /source/job/description
education                              /source/job/education
experience                            /source/job/experience
ref*                                        /source/job/referencenumber
salary                                    /source/job/salary
source                                   /source/job/url
state                                      /source/job/state
title*                                      /source/job/title
type                                       /source/job/type
zip                                         /source/job/postalcode


Item’s field Date format

XML example:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>


<publisher> Jobs Feed</publisher>


<title><![CDATA[Senior Plant Operator]]></title>





<company><![CDATA[Career site employer]]></company>




<description><![CDATA[Do you want to work for a leading&nbsp;UK&nbsp;energy company?Do you have an understanding of reverse osmosis and demineralisation plants?

In this role you will ensure that our coal fired Power Stations have good quality feed water and that the reverse osmosis and water treatment plant operations are optimised through your knowledge and experience of these specific processes or similar chemical process plant operations.]]></description>

<salary><![CDATA[$90 000]]></salary>





Specify application type by defining fields:

applyEmail – defines an email to receive the job applications (by default your account email)

applyRedirect – defines the URL where application should be made. Leave empty if you want to receive candidates on your CareerSiteCloud.

3. Go to Settings -> Import sources


Press [Add] to set up new XML source to be imported

  • Insert URL of the feed you want to import

  • Select one of default templates or your custom template from the Config dropdown list

If you want to schedule upload check Schedule.

Setup schedule using cron expression. You may use cron expression builder. Paste the result into Time field.

[Save] your import source.

4. Now your source is created. You may manage it under Settings -> Import sources


Press [Play] to start import

5. View import results 

Settings -> Import in progress

Settings -> Imports history

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