Automatic job posting via job wrapping

Job wrapping is an additional service that can be used to automate daily job posting to your career site. Jobs will be scraped from a website or ATS job listing and automatically posted to your career site or job ad campaign. Jobs can be scraped from a single listing or multiple source sites.

Contact our support to request job wrapping for your career site or make changes to existing service.
Additional fees normally apply for new sites setup and ongoing monthly scraping.

How it works

Job spidering technology downloads (scrapes) all or selected jobs from employer careers website or ATS listing. Job spider extracts job content from source vacancy pages, converts into an XML and posts to career site automatically.

Job wrapping service features:

  • Jobs can be scraped from a single or multiple sites / locations
  • Spider jobs from websites (HTML or XML), ATS or via FTP.
  • Jobs taxonomy can be used for industry categorization based on job titles & keywords.
  • Synchronize jobs to guarantee that only open jobs remain posted.
  • Filter jobs by keywords so only relevant jobs are posted.
  • Auto-replace keywords in content & clean up job formatting.
  • Schedule regular spidering / posting sessions.
  • Custom scraping frequency: daily (specific time of the day), each 2-4 hours, etc.

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