Adding custom text field to job postings and search refine results

1. When logged in to your admin profile, click the SETTINGS tab at the top.
2. Click on “FIELDS” tab and then on “Actions” button and select “Add job

3. System will open a pop-up page with a list of currently predefined fields. Search for “Text_1” field and type in a custom name for this field (if it’s empty), for example: Product. 

Please note that currently you can customize up to 5 text fields, using “Text_2”, “Text_3”, etc. accordingly).

4. Select view permissions for newly created text field by clicking on the little Expand/Collapse arrow to the left of the text field  – choose following views (if needed):

FRONT_JOB_VIEW: will display the new custom field on job description page on live site.
ADMIN_JOB_VIEW_PAGE: will display the new custom text field when viewing a job in admin panel.
ADMIN_JOB_EDIT_FORM: will display the new custom text field when editing a job in admin panel.

Note: you can select more than one view permission by holding down the CTRL button on your keyboard while selecting.

Note: If you need to position any of the fields higher/lower in line – you may click on the required field and drag it with your mouse up or down the list.

5. Once this is done, you’ll have to set up so your users can refine search results by using the new text field. Similar to step # 1, go back to “SETTINGS” tab at the top, then click “FIELDS”, select “Actions” and choose “Add Search”.

6. Find the newly created “Text_1” field (or any other  “text” field that you have created). Click on the little Expand arrow to the left of the field and tick the checkbox “Is used to refine search”. This will add the field to job search refine results.

7. Make sure to drop site’s cache after you are done. This is done at the very top of the page, on the right of HOME and SUPPORT buttons, by clicking My Sites, and then selecting relevant site name under the “Clear cache” tagline.

8. Once all your jobs are populated with the new text field (manually or via import) – in our example, the new field is called “PRODUCT” – you should see it appear in “Refine results” filters when searching jobs on your site:

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