Career sites for corporations and their subsidiaries

CareerSiteCloud solution can be used not only to create simple single-employer or multi-employers career sites but also serve as a platform that can be used by companies and big corporations with multiple locations/divisions from all over the world to populate all jobs from their ATSs/local career sites into one single place. Our solution will also help to get more applicants from Google For Jobs. 

We will scrape jobs from different sources and locations, clean them and map them into one default format and then publish to one unified career site.

Challenge: some companies and corporations have different divisions and/or subsidiaries with each having their own career pages or simply use ATSes and do not have one unified career page with all those jobs in one place.

Not only can we collect all this data, but make sure it’s all properly structured and each application will lead to relevant division/subsidiary targets.

Outcome: not only will this solution help to attract more candidates from the outside, but it will also help current employees within the Group/Corporation to be aware of new job opportunities within the whole Group faster.

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